Bossa Nova Café & Roastery, is a great mix of American and authentic Brazilian style coffee shop. Fresh in-house roasted coffee, baked goods & Wi-fi!

The heart of Bossa Nova is the freshly roasted coffee.

All coffee is imported raw and roasted on site in small batches The secret to good coffee is in the quality of bean, freshness and balance. Each coffee variety has its unique flavor profile. The goal of the roast it to unlock the notes and nuances within the particular variety of bean. 

Bossa Nova offers coffee for retail sale as well as in house consumption. Menu items include a full espresso bar and seasonal specials. 


The Bossa Nova Box (5lbs/ SHIPPED!)

the sunshine blend .JPG
the sunshine blend .JPG

The Bossa Nova Box (5lbs/ SHIPPED!)


 Need a whole lot of Bossa to get thru your days? Get your 5lb at our wholesale price.  

* The Coffee can be shipped as whole bean our ground to your preference.  

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You can now have your favorite Bossa Nova beans delivered directly to your home!  It's very simple:  Our Roast masters will choose the freshest beans and ship it to you, Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly!

From our Roaster to your cup!